Super perfundo on the early eve of the month

I have been tied up at work as of late. I got “borrowed” by a different project group so they could cope with their lagging schedule. As a result, I’d have to do overtime work galore. So far, so good except for the deprivation of much needed sleep. I recall receiving an SMS that goes, “Di baleng walang tulog. . . huwag lang walang gising!” In English, it goes something like “better to not get sleep than to not wake up at all” (it lacks the witty cynicism of the original Filipino version though). Anyway, whoever wrote that didn’t know what he’s saying.

When you are sleep deficient, things become surreal. After all, the line that divides the world of waking and the world of dreams starts to blur, thus, giving a whole new dimension to the phrase, “life is but a dream”.

The only thing that’s keeping me together is God’s grace. So, super perfundo on the early eve of the month!


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  1. bonniefazzyoo · January 24, 2007

    thanks for dropping by!

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