Last Thursday, I experienced what it is like to be immobile for a day. The previous night, after going to the gym (I only did my upper body routine) and eating dinner, I played DOTA for around two hours. When I went out of the cafe, I suddenly fell down and to my alarm, found out that I couldn’t stand up. My legs get stiff when I try to do so. Good thing Reggie was there. With his help, I managed to stand, only to fall off some short ledge a few steps ahead. I stood again and realized that I have to walk in goose marches to avoid tumbling down. Well, I got home safely but in my room I fell down twice. The second time, I hit my head against the table’s edge. I could no longer rise no matter how hard I try, I had to prop myself with a chair to get into bed. The following day, when I woke up, motion was still limited so I took a leave from work. The only way I could traverse across my room was to sit on a chair and propel it forward with my weight.

It must have been one of those disabling spells. Pat said I should get some cockatrice pinion, available at the local item shop, to rid me of paralysis. But it wasn’t paralysis of some sort, thank God! My leg muscles were just tense and tired, I guess.

I remember Hagu of Honey and Clover, who after an accident, got a disability that hindered her from doing her art. While I can still do my art, I just can’t go anywhere. I thought, at least Hagu can walk even as far as leaving the hospital with Morita. As for me, I’m stuck in my room. At first it felt surreal being not able to stand and walk but when it kept me from going to work or at least do certain necessary activities, it became a big inconvenience. It is quite frustrating when your mind says you can but your body says it can’t.

The following day, however, when I woke up, I was already able to get back on my feet. I skipped. I hopped. I dashed and lept. Ah… it felt great.



  1. Seleria · February 6, 2007

    Before, I was able to try not being able to bend my knees because I and my other classmates were asked to do 500 pumps in our PMT (Philippine Military Training) session during high school. The day after, I had a hard time going up the stairs and needed people to help me. I walked without bending my knees and looked like a robot. XD

  2. patzz · February 7, 2007

    aww…that’s was quite an experience. ^__^ hehe.
    that will be a story to tell decades from now.

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