Who is it?

I am always reminded of God whenever I listen to Björk’s “Who Is It?” After all she sang, “Who is it — that never lets you down? Who is it — that gave you back your crown?”

I read Isaiah 49:14-26 and I could not help but be stirred by it. At times we are led to think that God has forgotten and deserted us, but He says, “I haven’t forgotten you. I have even written your name in my hands and wherever I look, I always see you.” He then goes on to assure us that He will contend with those who laid us to waste and that He will restore us and give us back our crowns.

So I will protect that which is most important. Though I do not have anything to show for it, no photographs, no video clips, no hallejuiah choruses, no magnificent feats, it does not matter. Because what is essential is not what I do for Him, but what He has done for me. And He has done a beautiful thing indeed.

His embrace: a fortress
it fuels me and places
a skeleton of trust
right beneath us
bone by bone
stone by stone


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