On dreams

I have accumulated a lot of text files in my laptop. Some text files contain notes regarding a variety of things, some contain fragments of poetry and prose, and some contain blog entries that, in the end, I have decided not to post. So I was browsing each file trying to find out which ones to delete when I came across one titled “dream”. It was an attempt at keeping a dream journal, the idea I got from Ghost Hound. It was an unsuccessful attempt though as I only got to write two entries:


We were standing outside holding hands, trying to brace the coming catastrophe. Meteors fell from the sky and we ran, dodging each celestial rock. And then it rained. We searched for shelter but the rain was ceaseless. The flood levels increased and we fled to the highest floor of a building. After the rain stopped, almost everything was submerged in water. We realized that we had to find food.


I had an epiphany as to why Kei of Ghost Hound is wearing perfume. She said she isn’t wearing one, perhaps it’s her shampoo. But she was definitely wearing one. She was hiding something behind the scent. I cannot remember what.

I guess what makes documenting dreams difficult is that they are easily forgotten. We wake up from a dream remembering most, if not all, of the details but as time passes, the dream becomes more and more vague. There are dreams though that leave an impression. I can even remember a dream from childhood although I no longer remember everything that transpired in that dream.

There is a theory that posits a relationship between dreams and memory, that dreams are the mind’s way of processing memories. I have always likened dreaming to Windows’ disk defragmenter. In the one that’s bundled with Windows 98, there is an animation that is played when the drive is being defragmented: a block of computer memory explodes and the bits are gathered to form a new block only to explode again. This goes on and on until defragmentation is completed. Perhaps when we dream there is something like that happening in our mind.

The mechanism of dreams are not yet fully understood and there have been different speculations regarding them. Famous of which is Freud’s which hypothesizes that dreams are a manifestation of one’s subconscious desires. Then there are some who believe that dreams occur for no purpose at all.


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