Write one leaf about arriving early

I have been making it a point to arrive early at work. So far so good, I’d say. Of course, arriving early at work means having to wake up early. My body clock has adjusted to this and I can wake up early with ease. So it seems I have paid off any sleep debt I have accumulated in the past.

Upon waking up, I would discover that the house is still dark. Usually, I would find it, in the same state as it was the previous night. A chair aligned at a certain angle would still be aligned at that same angle. A faucet dripping at a certain tempo would continue to drip at that certain tempo. And the atmosphere wanting of words would remain devoid of them.

I would take a shower, change, select a playlist, put on my earphones, walk from the house to the main road and from there take a jeepney. A lady sitting beside me might complain because I stepped on her foot. I would tell her I didn’t mean to and apologize. My mobile phone might ring but I would ignore it. I know the caller only bothered to call because I have something of interest to them. Occasionally, my earphones would fall off and I would plug them back. Occasionally, I would fix my hair and the wind would ruffle it again.

Upon arriving at the office, I would discover that some things are in the same state as they were the previous day. The chair I tucked under the desk would remain tucked. The coffee mug I left unwashed would remain unwashed. And the bugs I left unresolved would remain wanting of a fix.

I would wash my mug, make myself some coffee and begin my inquiry into the nature and causes of these bugs.

(via writeoneleaf)


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