To a friend

It was a “fortuitous happenstance” that you were at the mall a few weeks ago. You were planning to watch a movie with your friends and you were looking at the movie posters when I spotted you. I couldn’t recall the movies that were showing then but I do recall they were mostly crap.

You brought a book with you to pass time: The Zombie Survival Guide. I asked if you were preparing for a zombie apocalypse and you laughed. You said a friend gave you the book and you found it entertaining.

We talked about med school and how you wanted to be a neurosurgeon. I told you I couldn’t imagine your sausage-y fingers fiddling on someone’s brain.

Then your friends came and you had to go to buy tickets. I invited you to drop by at church if you have time. Sure, you said.

I didn’t know which movie you and your friends picked.

I didn’t realize that would be the last time I’d see you.

You will be missed…


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